Aloe juice as a cellular activator for the skin

La Naturale Cosmetics tells you about the properties of Aloe juice and its application in our Purifying Tonic. Here’s how it works on the skin.

Aloe juice is one of the most used and sought-after ingredients in modern cosmetics, because of the versatility shown by this ingredient in various types of product. La Naturale Cosmetics lists its properties and benefits for the skin.

Aloe juice

Aloe vera, also known with its scientific name Aloe barbadensis, is a plant known since ancient times: archaeological sources confirm its study by the Mesopotamian civilization starting from about 2000 a.c. In modern times, it finds great application in many products such as lotions, facial cleansers, soaps and in dermocosmetics in general. On the skin there are many effects, including the soothing, antifungal and anti-microbiotic effects, and is also very popular for its healing and anti-reddening properties. Thanks to the function of stimulator and cellular activator of its polysaccharide protein complex, it acts as a strong moisturizer, becoming a valuable aid to counteract skin aging.

Purifying Tonic of La Naturale Cosmetics

The benefits of Aloe juice have been applied by La Naturale Cosmetics in our Purifying Tonic. This formulation is designed to adapt to any type of skin, and does not present any allergens. The tonic gently removes flakes and impurities from the skin, making it more vital and luminous. Applying the Purifying Tonic, the skin will be ready for the daily face treatment routine, facilitating the penetration of our Day and Night creams, and of our Cell Activator Serum. The perfect mix of our tonic also includes distilled chamomile water, cornflower, lemon balm and witch hazel, oak meristems, Moringa microproteins and the natural moisturizing factor.

The stimulating action of Aloe juice is part of the Purifying Tonic of La Naturale Cosmetics. Find out now on our shop!

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