Welcome to La Naturale Cosmetics.


We present you a line of cosmetic products designed and formulated on a perfect balance between naturalness and technology.

Knowing the value of natural components, we have optimized its effects thanks to the brilliant intuition of technology and science, focusing on the effectiveness, safety and the highest quality available today on the market but without forgetting about the reduction of environmental impact.

La Naturale Cosmetics has invested a lot on the search for high performance formulas and functional technology, in order to propose on the market a fully effective cosmetic line, in a bottle that optimizes at best your use experience. To be consciously beautiful.


La Naturale Cosmetics is a young cosmetic company of Milan that placed itself on the market with a product line that follows a well-defined philosophy of honesty and functionality. We started from the scientific research to get to the formulation by combining natural active principles with the most advanced biotechnology research, to ensure a unique experience of beauty and effectiveness in the face care. We have the goal to satisfy the desire for a natural and skin-friendly product without disappointing the consumer expectations.

La Naturale Cosmetics offers you a products line to keep your skin young, fresh and hydrated. Creams and serums that really work in slowing down and preventing natural signs of time, thanks to a careful and effective optimization of natural active principles. Each product is presented in a bottle designed in the practical Airless System to maximize the potential of your purchase. La Naturale Cosmetics offers all the effectiveness of nature combined with man’s knowledge.


La Naturale Cosmetics uses the practical and efficient Airless System for the packaging of its products. Each solution is contained in a dispenser bottle. The benefits of the dispenser are the lack of contact with the fingers and the external agents in general, which allows the product to not be contaminated. The innovation of the Airless System is that, unlike a standard dispenser, the intake system is given by the vacuum applied to the bottle. The solution we offer prevents any contact, even with the air, and allows to avoid any oxidation that would reduce the life of the active principles and consequently the effectiveness of the product as well as the waste, since no residues remain in the packaging. We want to guarantee our customers the possibility to exploit the most of their purchase, in order to value the 100% of their spending.


for the ecosystem

We minimize the environmental impact of our products


Our products are not tested on animals

No allergenic

In full respect of our customers’ skin health

and quality

The core value is to have products that really work

La Naturale Cosmetics manages its company according to precise social values. We work first with respect to the ecosystem, trying to minimize, into the limit of our possibilities, the environmental impact of our work. We pursue this goal even by applying a cruelty-free policy to the products we distribute, that is, without animal experimentation. Our natural cosmetics are also free from allergenic substances in full respect of our customers’ skin health. Our core value is to provide an effective and quality product.