Cellular accelerator serum

PRO AGE serum with Hyaluronic at Acid Low, Medium and High Molecular Weight.

01. Description

Cell activator serum of La Naturale Cosmetics attacks free radicals, repairs noticeable skin damages and allows a better penetration of day/night cream by enhancing their effectiveness.
The soft silkness of the formula allows an easy and fast absorption of the product, giving immediate sense of comfort and brightness already evident from the first applications.
After a week of application, the first signs of skin aging appear stretched and less noticeable.
Thanks to the action of the triple molecular weight of the Hyaluronic Acid in the exclusive formula, the skin will look softer and brighter.
A product for all skin types.

Usage tips:
After cleaning apply two drops on the entire face and neck, morning and evening.The synergy between serum and Ultra lift creams (day and night) allows for a more noticeable and immediate result.

Store the product in a cool, dry place away from sources of light and heat.

02. Active principles:

– Low, Medium and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid:

High molecular weight acts on the surface, ensuring an effective hydration and has a filmogenic action by bonding to the corneum stratum with a tensor and protective effect.
Low molecular weight acts in depth by penetrating into the deep layers, stimulating the physiological production of proteins responsible for skin compactness and elasticity by reducing the depth of the wrinkles.
Medium molecular weight is responsible of the water retention in the medium/superficial layers of the epidermis, completing the action of hydration and tone obtained in synergy with low and high molecular weight molecules.

– Tripeptide -5:

this active principle is constituted by a small peptide. At the skin level it penetrates very fast in depth by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen, smoothing the wrinkles, moisturizing and toning the skin. Suitable for all anti-aging treatments.

– Acmella Oleracea:

Acmella extract is a relaxant with anti-age and filler activities. It is considered a form of natural botulinum. The active principle contained in Acmella (Spilantolo) is capable of having a muscle relaxant effect with increased contractile capacity of the fibroblasts.

– Oak Meristems:

they produce a moisturizing, soothing and protective action.