Puryfying tonic

Alcohol-free tonico lotion with flower essences

01. Description

The purifying toner of La Naturale Cosmetics is ideal for all skin types, and delicately removes any form of desquamation and impurities, making the appearance brighter and more vital.This action allows a better penetration for subsequent hydration and treatment formulas, increasing exponentially its effectiveness.The incarnate of the face looks more radiant and soft, giving a younger look.

Usage tips:
Proceed with regular detersion and / or démaquillage.
Apply with a cotton pad on the face and neck twice a day.
Let it act for a few minutes before proceeding to the next treatment.
Avoid eye contour area.

Store the product in a cool, dry place away from sources of light and heat.

02. Active principles:

– Distilled water of chamomile, cornflower, melissa, hamamelis:

The aloe plant is made up of innumerable active principles and nutrients (complex sugars) and over 150 active ingredients such as mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes, phospholipids, which in synergy provide enormous benefits to the skin. Nourishing, restructuring, soothing, calming and moisturizing.

– Aloe juice:

polysaccharide protein complex. Stimulator and cell activator, tonic. Suitable for fatigued, atonic and relaxed skins.

– Oak Meristems:

they produce a moisturizing, soothing and protective action.

– Moringa’s Microproteins:

active cleansing for the skin that creates a shield of protection from external aggressions such as smog, heavy metals, exhaust gases and impurities in the air.

– Natural Hydration Factor (NMF):

moisturing complex to rebalance skin metabolism.