Properties of Argan Oil and use in cosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics illustrates the properties of Argan Oil, an ingredient we use in our Ultra Lift Night Cream. An ingredient with many possibilities of use.

The many properties of Argan Oil have considerably increased the interest in this product in recent years. La Naturale Cosmetics describes the benefits of this natural ingredient for cosmetic applications.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is extracted from the seeds of Argania spinosa, a plant that grows only in southern Morocco. It is used in cosmetics but also for food use, given its high antioxidants content such as C and E vitamins. These have important effects also in the cosmetic field, such as contrasting free radicals and preventing aging of tissues. Its activity is very appreciable also with regard to elasticity and strength of the skin as well as its hydration. Argan Oil is able to reach even the deepest subcutaneous layers, which benefit from polyphenols’ activity. The tissues are also repaired thanks to its activity which stimulates the collagen production.

Ultra Lift Night Cream

These amazing properties of Argan Oil make it a good anti-wrinkle and face care ally in general. And in fact La Naturale Cosmetics has made it one of the main ingredients of the perfect mix of its Ultra Lift Night Cream. A formulation specifically designed for hours of nocturnal rest, the moment when cell replacement takes place, which our night cream stimulates at a pace closer to the natural one. In addition to Argan Oil, our cream also includes low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Tripeptide -5, Vitamin E, Marula Oil and Oak Meristemi. A perfect mix for your beauty.

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