The importance of vitamin E in cosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics examines today the role of vitamin E in cosmetics. An essential ingredient of the perfect mix of our Ultra Lift Night Nutrition.

Vitamin E in cosmetics plays an essential role in the antioxidant activity necessary for the maintenance of a young and elastic skin. La Naturale Cosmetics deepens for you the characteristics of this precious vitamin.

Vitamin E in cosmetics

Vitamin E is naturally present in eight forms, the most important being alpha-tocopherol. The foods that are rich of it are the grain, the oils of vegetable origin, like olive, sunflower, peanut and wheat germ, and dried fruit including nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. This vitamin plays an important antioxidant function, combating cell aging and also supporting the immune system. Even the skin benefits from the action of vitamin E, especially the one atonic and in need of hydration. It acts on the superficial layer and preserves its elastic component, improving its general conditions, maintaining its hydration, combating free radicals and protecting the lipids that are present in the lipoproteins of cell membranes. With food intake alone, however, the skin can not provide the necessary amount of vitamin E.

Ultra Lift Night Nutrition La Naturale Cosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics has applied vitamin E in cosmetics in the perfect mix of Ultra Lift Night Nutrition. A formulation that effectively helps the cell renewal action that occurs at night, thanks to the presence of high, medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, to reach all the skin layers. In addition to vitamin E, the other active ingredients are tripeptide-5, Marula oil, oak meristems and Argan oil.

To stay young, your skin needs vitamin E and other valuable nutrients. Discover now the Ultra Lift Night Nutrition of La Naturale Cosmetics!

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