The properties of the Acmella Oleracea applied in cosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics lists the properties of the Acmella Oleracea, a plant native to the Amazon that we use in our natural accelerator serum.

La Naturale Cosmetics presents the surprising properties of the Acmella Oleracea, which make this plant a precious resource for cosmetics and more. Here is the story and the characteristics.

Properties of the Acmella Oleracea

Acmella Oleracea is a plant native to the Amazon, discovered by the anthropologist Francoise Fredman at a local Inca tribe. These proposed the administration of the plant following an annoying toothache accused by the doctor, who saw incredibly ceased his annoyance. Since then the active ingredients of the plant have been studied for their analgesic function, and its use has been reserved for many different purposes such as rheumatism, stomach ache, sore throat, stuttering. But more surprisingly, it has been discovered an anti-aging and filler cosmetic use: the active ingredient of the plant, the Spilantoio, acts as a natural botulinum, thanks to its muscle relaxant effect with increased contractile capacity of the fibroplasts.

Natural accelerator serum by La Naturale Cosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics has adopted Acmella Oleracea in the perfect mix of its natural accelerator serum, a formulation based on hyaluronic acid. The serum acts by attacking free radicals, repairing the obvious skin damages, and allowing the skin to be prepared for the application of day cream and night cream, so as to enhance its effectiveness. The product, with its soft silky consistency, is quickly absorbed, giving comfort and brightness from the first applications. After a week, improvements in the signs of aging are evident. The serum also makes use of the action of hyaluronic acid with a high, medium and low molecular weight, which gives the skin an overall softer and brighter appearance.

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