The properties of the Marula Oil in dermocosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics speaks to you today about the properties of the Marula Oil, excellent obtained from the African plant of Marula a used for our Ultra Lift night cream.

La Naturale Cosmetics introduces you to the properties of the Marula Oil, a precious extract of the Marula plant, a species of African origin. Here are the benefits and how they are applied to our Ultra Lift Night Cream.

Properties of the the Marula Oil

The Marula is a very common tree in the south-western region of Africa, typical of grasslands and low altitudes. The fruits see a plurality of uses, from the alimentary ones (you can get juices, jellies, beer, liqueurs, wine from it) to other soothing uses against the bites of snakes and scorpions, or even it’s useful as an insecticide. The bark has digestive properties and is used in the prophylaxis of malaria. From the seeds, rich in vegetable fats and proteins, is extracted the Marula oil, a substance with a high number of antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. This oil in cosmetics is used both for the health of hair and for skin care. In dermocosmetics it allows the maintenance of the lipid barrier of the skin, it has a strong moisturizing action due to its content of essential fatty acids, helps to fight the signs of aging and to protect from atmospheric agents.

Ultra Lift night cream by La Naturale Cosmetics

La Naturale Cosmetics applied the properties of the Marula Oil to the formula of its Ultra Lift night cream. A product based on high, medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, specifically designed for nourishment and cell renewal of the skin at night, which leads to times closer to natural ones. Applied in combination with the cellular accelerator serum, it allows more evident and immediate results.

Discover all the properties of the Marula Oil in the Ultra Lift night cream by La Naturale Cosmetics. Visit our shop now!

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